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Peggle Nights combines the elements of the old style pin ball machine gaming into a creative and innovative new design for pin balling.  This game is for all ages including kids to seniors.  This game will excite the mind.

Overall Score 8.4

Gameplay:       10

Peggle Nights is given a great game play. This game is very exciting. It’s just like playing your old pin ball games back in the days. This game takes the game of pin balling to a whole new level. The game starts in the Peggle Institute. Players can then enter thier names and enter an adventure. There is also a two player mode. The players can take turns shooting the orange pegs; the players with the highest score wins. Here’s how the game works (Quote from the developers);

“Peggle Nights is played on a Peggle board. The majority of the board is taken up by an array of pegs. At the top of the board is a Launcher, which you control. You aim the Launcher by moving the mouse cursor, and you fire it by clicking the left mouse button. Firing the Launcher shoots a Peggle ball that bounces around the board lighting up each peg it hits until falling off the bottom of the board. The lit pegs then disappear and you can take another shot. You begin each level with ten balls. Light up the 25 orange pegs scattered randomly around the board to complete the level and achieve Extreme Fever.”

Another great area feauture on controls, is the game can also be played without a mouse. A touchpad can also be used into play. The controls are easy; with and without a mouse.

Graphic:       8.0

The graphics are great if you were in the late 1990’s, or the early year 2000. The graphics show movement, but are 2D in nature. Games in this era should be 3 dimensional. Only the pegs and the ball seem to be 3 dimensional.

Sound:           7.0

The sound is good. The score is not perfect due to a lack of real voices. The game introduces characters like the unicorn or the talking pumpkin. These characters are great, but they talk in words. The players have to actually read words instead of hearing the voices of characters. What if the player is too lazy to read the words. I guess the developers didn’t spend any time on voice actors.

Replay:          8.5

Peggle nights is replayable, but only when you have nothing to do with your free time. It’s just like pin ball, the more you play, the more you get bored. There is no online multiplayer gaming like other games.